Team OneFamily is the multi-sports training and fundraising program that facilitates participation in endurance events, while simultaneously incorporating a fundraising element to benefiting OneFamily, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that raises money for Israel's victims of terror.

Team OneFamily programs bring like-minded people together of all ages and levels whether beginner or advanced. Our programs are opportunities to get into shape or realize your athletic goals, change your lifestyle, and get healthy, all while joining a great group of people who care about the future of Israel. Through each program Team OneFamily members commit to raise money, which helps alleviate the suffering of victims of terrorism in Israel.
OneFamily provides highly personalized financial, legal and emotional support to thousands of terror victims on daily basis. No two families’ needs are the same. Funded entirely by private contributions, a small staff aided by dedicated volunteers throughout Israel provides individual attention, direct aid and therapeutic programming to help rebuild shattered lives. For more information on OneFamily’s programs and service visit www.onefamilytogether.org.


Yes. Whether you are an experienced athlete or not an athlete at all you can participate in our program. Team OneFamily will guide you through the process and help you to the finish line.
Once you have registered as an athlete, you will then be able to login and create your personal profile for your fundraising page.
Team OneFamily accepts US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, English Pounds and Israeli Shekel.
Fundraising should be completed before race day. You will have the opportunity to continue fundraising the balance for 2 weeks after race day.
Click here to register for the event you would like to participate in. Your non refundable registration fee is a 100% tax deductable donation to Team OneFamily.


Team OneFamily accepts all forms of payment, our standard registration involves a credit card payment. To register with cash or a check, please contact our office directly. 

US: sara@teamonefamily.org or (646) 289-8600.
Israel: +972-2-539-9000
UK: +44-208-458-1700
Canada: 416-489-9687
Team OneFamily accepts US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, English Pounds and Israeli Shekel. Our site also accepts foreign credit cards from any country.
If your company matches gifts you can double your donation instantly by filling out a match request form for your company. Any forms that need to be signed by our office should be mailed to 1029 Teaneck Road, Suite 3B, Teaneck, NJ 07666.