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Lauren Buckman

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It is the final countdown until the Jerusalem Marathon! I will be running in support of One Family, in awe of the incredible work they do, and the environment they create for victims of terror in Israel.

I had the honor of hearing from one victim herself, who witnessed her mother being stabbed to death in their own kitchen by a 15-year-old Palestinian boy. She was the one who protected her siblings from the most horrific sight, she is the one who was brave enough to call her father in a calm voice, and she was the one left with a gaping emptiness in her life. Dafna Meir was well known by her community, not only as the most caring wife, mother of 6, and nurse, but as a generous individual who lit up the world around her. Her daughter stood before me and my classmates courageously replaying her story for us and glowing in the light of her recent engagement. She told us what One Family was for her: A place where she feels comfortable amongst others who understand her pain, her situation, her needs.

Each day of Israel's existence is a miracle. Unfortunately this existence comes with a price. The majority of Israeli citizens have some connection to victims of terror or have been a victim themselves. What is it like to have a rocket fall near you? To be left blinded, burned, with nightmares and depression? We should never know of it. They are the victims of inexplicable loss, inexplicable pain, victims of being in the wrong place at a certain time. Watching just minutes of insight into the experiences of victims was nearly unbearable. But this is the reality.

Israel supports victims of terror financially and as much as they could. One Family was formed to fill in the gaps, to provide the emotional support that Jewish and Muslim Israelis and Americans need after experiencing such trauma. The One Family community is both a first responder, coming to the shiva home of the family that has lost a loved one, and a continuous support system, financially but most of all, emotionally. The One Family organization provides counseling, group therapy, camps for young children, recreational activities, holiday events and legal assistance for victims. Most of all they create One Family!

I encourage you to read more about this inspiring organization that had been working to improve lives of individuals, catering to their specific needs at

I will be running and raising funds in memory of Dafna Meir, Z"L. Please consider contributing to help rebuild the lives of widows, children, family and friends of victims of terror.

With gratitude,


My Sponsors

$54 ~ Anonymous ~ So proud of you Lauren!

$100 ~ Sharon Seligman ~ Lauren, thank you for bringing this organization to our attention and for the opportunity to donate to such a worthy cause .. love, Lou and Sharon

$36 ~ RB Yaffe ~ Lauren, you are a shining example of someone who actively makes the world a better place! We are proud of you!

$36 ~ Rachel Friedmann ~ Lolo, this is so exciting and I'm so proud! I am sure your campaign will be a huge success! Continue to do great things!